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Club News: New Weekly Friday Nite at Latin Palace

It’s Big,
it’s Wooden, it’s a Floor!

We salsa dancers don’t ask a lot of a venue. There’s only one thing we really want to know - what’s the floor like?
New Friday and Saturday night place Latin Palace has got a floor. A big floor. A big, wooden floor. It’s so big it would take Randolph Fiennes three weeks to trek round it with a team of huskies. Launch night was crowded but what happened to the Latins? No doubt word will get round round pronto.
Pic: Mike Payne

Latin Palace, 146 Camberwell New Road, SE5 0RR, just around the corner from the old Loughborough, classes all levels 9.00-10.00pm club til 2.00am. More: see Events Section or or

Best of London Salsa: Salsa Tart Review

Music and Freestyle are Winning New Year Formula

The Event: New Year’s Party, Santa Fe Restaurant, Bluewater.
Hosts: and
Reviewer: SalsaTart
The evening format was refreshingly simple – freestyle, freestyle, freestyle. The only interruptions were a 10 minute warm up by hosts SalsaSouth’s Leon and Salsacd’s Rupert.

   The highlight of the evening was DJ Luis Libres who played a truly danceable set which was a mixture of some of the popular tracks played on the London circuit as well as some of his own recommendations. There was a friendly atmosphere and a good mixture of dancers from London and Kent.
   I am usually very cynical about the amount of money that gets spent on bands and teachers and not the music itself but this stripped down formula was a big hit with the serious dancers among us – here’s hoping it catches on.
Congratulations Salsa Tart! You’ve won World Music’s new CD, The Rough Guide to Latin Arabia! Fusing Salsa with Flamenco and Belly Dance, this is worth buying if only for an exotic version of Compay Segundo’s salsa classic Chan Chan. To buy: price £9.99. Ed.

Hot vibe at Sante Fe - photograph by Miguel del Foto - 07734 721983. London Salsa Post, Friday 2 February 07 by Editor.


Posh Salsa at Hampton Court

If you like your Salsa served with a riverside view and  linen table cloths by a feisty team of instructors, check out sals at Hampton Court Hotel, Hampton Court Road on Mondays.
The hotel cum Spanish restaurant “Don Pepe” is a world removed from Salsa’s usual haunts. The place is redolent with old world style, cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off - and very pleasant and civilised it is too.
  The night kicks off at 7.30 with classes including beginner and improver/intermediate Rueda, with improver and intermediate Salsa classes at 8.30pm. Here, Salsa meets ergonomics; Phillipe and the Salsa Time team bear out the old adage that size really doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it. I’ve never seen better use of a modestly sized floor or more fun had per square inch.
   Salsa Time’s club has a strong following of regulars but people are happy to chat and dance with newcomers, with dancing going on strong ‘til 11.00pm.  Over the summer, the venue gets hot, so leave your thermals at home.

Save £££! First-timers coming with a friend qualify for a 2-4-1 special price for classes! Just click HERE and print off your special discounted voucher!!!

Phillippe in action by London Salsa Scene’s Miguel del Foto.


Salsa’s Dancing Frenchman

If you want to learn to dance Salsa with real Gallic flair, get along to the Clockwork Bar (formerly the Finca) at 96 Pentonville Road, Islington N1 on Wednesdays.

There can’t be many people who commute from Paris to London out of love for their work but Alain Felicite is one of them. Every week, he breaks off from his regular dance teaching commitments in Paris to give Salsa classes to north Londoners.
Dancing Salsa for a decade, Alain specialises in teaching a mix of Cuban and Puerto Rican style to improver and intermediate students at the Clockwork Bar. “The secret of dancing well is to be passionate about it, to understand and hear the truth inside the music,” he says.
Alain is typically French – his love of Salsa flowered from a romance. “When I parted from a woman I loved, I took up Salsa because she loved it. It was a way of keeping love in my life. When I dance, I think of her,” he says.
Recently relaunched as the Clockwork Bar, the place has lost none of its original vibe as one of the hippest and friendliest places to dance Salsa in the capital. There’s music and dancing on two floors with top DJ Julian “the Duke”. In case you haven’t been lately,the floor’s sorted – it was like an ice rink – so there’s no excuse

not to cavort the night away until 2.00am. More from:
Save ££! First-timers coming with a friend to Clockwork qualify for a 2-4-1 Special Price for classes! Click Here for your Special Offer!!!

Club News

Kid Afrika - Mesmerising at Que Rico

First days of Queen...last days of Que

Rico in Soho

Photographs by: Mike Payne

As Queen Salsa launches amid the OTT opulence of the Papageno restaurant in Covent Garden on Saturday (17 Sept), Kid Afrika’s thumping Latin Hip-hop groove signalled the end of the atmospheric Que Rico nightspot in Soho - for now.
More on QueenSalsa’s new clubs in Finchley and at Turnmills: 07958 578962.

Palenke at Queen Launch

London Salsa: Salsa in Herne Bay


It may be out in the sticks, but Salsa Asi’s next salsa party on the Kent coast on Saturday 14 July is worth the drive from London for a special night out with Marchant Birch.

   Marchant teaches inter/adv dancers with Davina James of the Alchemy Dance Company at Salsa Asi's Summer Salsa Party, Kings Hall, Beacon Hill, Herne Bay CT6 5BA.
     Salsa Asi’s Bob Long and Julia Claughton (left) run only two special party nights a year so this is a special occasion. The venue - Kings Hall, Beacon Hill, Herne Bay - is a grand Victorian ballroom full of period charm

and character, right on the sea front. There is a huge, sprung wooden floor and a comfortable bar area for chilling. Between dances, go for a stroll along the promenade, admire the sunset and a glorious sea view. Just the place for Londoners who want to get away from it all! Tickets: £15. £14 in advance. For more: or call Bob on 01227 766685 07718 186613. London Salsa in Herne Bay, Post: 3 July. Photograph: Miguel del Foto.

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